ARRI AMIRA Film Camera

The AMIRA has the same sensor and the same exceptional picture quality as the ARRI ALEXA, with recording in 1080 HD, 2K, or 4K. No digital camera has as extensively and profoundly won over the global film and television industry as ALEXA has, and now, the same confidence can be extended to the AMIRA. Providing a natural and organic colour result and very subtle reproduction of skin shades, the AMIRA will offer you remarkable and very lifelike images in all circumstances.

With a dynamic range of over 14 diaphragms, very low levels of noise, and incredible handling of bright light, AMIRA offers superior image quality for an exceptional result irrespective of the broadcast medium or resolution. It adapts to the most diverse and varied productions and works particularly well with documentary-style projects where hand-held camera and user-friendliness for a solo operator are key factors. Reports and off-the-cuff programmes, promotional or institutional films or advertisements, films on small budgets or telefilms will also note that AMIRA indisputably provides added value. The various possibilities for optical mounts enable a wide range of contemporary or older lenses to be used with the camera.