2006 – 2016: a decade in service to prestigious and inspiring clients. Thanks to them, we have been able to develop an increasingly broad array of services, by continually improving the performance of our technical means. Their confidence has led us to post-produce over 5 000 hours of programmes, in all existing formats: TV series, short films, television films, feature films, advertisements, trailers, documentaries, mobile applications, and more recently, pedagogical tools for the French Ministry of Education. Our team has matured as challenges have been presented to us and programmes of high artistic quality have forged our skills. So, thanks to Arte, Sacrebleu Productions, France 3, and a multitude of exacting clients, we have had the honour of participating in projects such as Tracks, X:enius, Tout en Haut du Monde, or the trailers for France 3 across the greater eastern region.
But Innervision also has a dedicated production team and exciting programmes to produce, shooting real or animated footage. The documentary Naturbis (80×26′) or the animated tales (24×3′) are just some of the projects we’re most proud of.
For the road we’ve travelled with you and the energy you’ve given our team for these past 10 years of collaboration, we’d like to say THANKS and long may the adventure continue!