La face gâchée du nucléaire

Through 90 minutes of political investigation, nine shooting locations, and over 50 speakers interviewed about revolutionary nuclear technology, Innervision took part in an major international coproduction supported by public and private sponsors convinced by the power of the subject. La Face Gâchée du Nucléaire is a documentary produced by Myriam Tonelotto. The programme combines animated and real coverage and will enjoy a broadcast strategy initiated by 7 international television channels.
Our company thus affirms its desire to produce major films with prestigious production partners.

A film by Myriam Tonelotto
Camera: Solène Doerflinger (China, London, and Leiden), Didier Ricou (rest of the world) and Carlo Thiel (Delft)
Camera Assistant: Enzo Riedinger
Sound: Marc Hansmann
Animation Director: Jérôme Jouvray
Colourist: Anne-Claire Jouvray
Poker Animation: Guillaume Martinez, Maud Bihan, Léa Boisson, Lilas Cognet, Amélie Guinet, and Camille Marchand
Weinberg Animation: B-Gnet, Ben Lebègue and Olmo Riedinger
Executive Producer: Nina Robert
A Citizen Films, Innervision, Juliette Films and MoreFilms coproduction